Kirby Fighters Deluxe | Game Review

Prepare for more fluffy battles to the death as Nintendo’s classic 2D fighting game gets an update

Game Title: Kirby Fighters Deluxe

Publisher: Nintendo

Reviewed On: Nintendo 3DS

Available on: Nintendo 3DS

Mon, Feb 16, 2015, 11:59


Nintendo’s pink puffball Kirby is back, and ready to do battle in Kirby Fighters Deluxe. It’s a fluffier, more mellow kind of battle, where everyone looks really, really alike.

If you’ve played Kirby Triple Deluxe then you’ll recognise at least some elements of this game. But the original idea has been taken and developed a little further so there’s more to it. It certainly would need the extras to stand alone, even as an eShop download; Nintendo has added just enough to make it worth your while.

There are 10 copy abilities open to you, from Ninja to Hammer, each with their own bonuses, drawbacks and special costumes. Hammer, for example, means you have to get up close to your opponent to deliver the blow. If you opt for Archer, you can sit and battle at a distance. if you already own Triple Deluxe, there are an extra two abilities to choose from, and defeating Kracko and the King Dedede army will earn you rare abilities.

Up to four Kirbys are on screen at any one time. The single-player campaign takes you through nine stages, with a mid-stage boss to battle before you can make your way to the final battle. Some fights are two-on-two rather than an all-out battle, which mixes it up a little.

With four difficulty levels, the game is accessible to anyone. Experienced players should be starting on Hard or Very Hard ; the easier settings aren’t much of a challenge.

But as you’d imagine, it’s multiplayer that will really keep you coming back. Multiplayer is available through local play, and up to four players can battle it out.

Rope in your friends and settle in for the long haul.