. . . And Then It Rained

Game Title: ...And then it Rained

Publisher: Megagon Industries

Reviewed On: iPhone

Available on: iPad,iPhone

Fri, May 16, 2014, 00:00


Everybody complains about the weather, Mark Twain said, but nobody does anything about it. . . . And Then It Rained might be considered an eccentric solution to a wet climate. While it won’t make your socks dryer, it will remind you of the beauty of rain – easy to forget in a country like Ireland. This simple, elegant and addictive little app game asks players to move coloured blocks under the corresponding drops before they fall. It’s like Space Invaders in reverse, moving your avatar in front of falling cursors instead of away from them. There are variations, including time trials, aligning towers under multiple drops, and (thankfully) a “relaxing” or “challenging” mode. As with the recent Thomas Was Alone, the graphics are minimal but attractive, and the music and sound effects are gentle and charming; a sweet chime when a drop falls on the right place, and a mildly jarring little splash sound when it misses. itunes.com