Wonder Woman 1984 first trailer: Gal Gadot is back – this time with Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig plays villainous Cheetah in clip that also reunites Gadot with Chris Pine

"We wanted to bring Wonder Woman into the modern world," Patty Jenkins said before introducing the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, her new film, at CCXP, the Comic Con Experience convention in Brazil, on Sunday.

The 2017 film Wonder Woman was largely set during the first World War, but as the title superheroine, played by Gal Gadot, is immortal, she doesn't appear to have aged in the sequel, set during the cold war. How her love interest, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) – who died, or seemed to, in the previous movie – figures in the new story remains a mystery, but he's prominently featured in the trailer. "I promise you it's not a gimmick," Jenkins told fans at CCXP. "He's integral to the story."

The clip also focuses on a pair of new characters: Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a ruthless infomercial king, and Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig), who starts out as a friend of Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince, but transforms into the villainous Cheetah.

Wonder Woman shows off some of her signature moves in the trailer, batting away bullets with her bracelets and throwing her golden lasso. She also shows off a new look: an all-gold suit that features a pair of wings. – New York Times


Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to hit cinemas on June 5th, 2020