Dabby and His Great Dab Adventure

By 4th Class, St Thomas Senior School, Jobstown, Dublin. Illustration by Rhianna Ryan Ives

Once there was a boy called Dabby. He lived in an alien universe with lots of other crazy things like uni-llamas and li-gers. One day, Dabby was at home listening to a song on YouCube. He was dancing in front of his new mirror in his room and he invented a new move.

"I'm going to call this the dab!"Dabby thought. He went outside to Potato Park to show people how to dab. But nobody would dab and he got angry. Dabby stared walking. He was listening to music on his earphones and thinking about how he wanted to share this dance move with everyone. Suddenly he saw a potato walking towards him and the potato was dabbing! Dabby said, "What are you doing?"

“I’m dabbing! You made it up, you should know,”replied the potato.

“What’s your name?” Dabby asked.


“My name is Jackie. What’s your name?”the potato said.

“My name is Dabby, that’s how I came up with the name for the move,” Dabby said.

Dabby told Jackie that his greatest wish was to become president and have a golden statue so everyone would know the move.

“But who is going to build it?”asked Jackie.

“Maybe we should put a band together and show people first.” Dabby thought that was an excellent idea. Dabby and Jackie put up fliers around Potato Park.


On April 1st, millions of people and crazy creatures showed up, including li-gers, uni-llamas, hu-keys. Dabby and Jackie picked three creatures to be in the band.They decided to call the band the Dabbing Dazzles. Dabby made a YouCube account. Jackie wrote the lyrics to the song and they all worked together to write the music. Dabby sang and played guitar, Jackie had the mini-tambourine, Loopy the hu-key played the drums, Kabey the li-ger played the triangle and Skittles the uni-llama was on the piano.

The song was called I Am The One (Learn To Dab)and it was an instant hit on YouCube. It went viral and it had millions of likes, views and subscribers in five minutes. The band celebrated by eating Milky Way spicebags.

Loads of people put up videos of themselves dabbing. Everyone was doing the dab right, so Dabby and the band were very happy.

The Dabbing Dazzles went on a universe-wide tour. Everyone in the whole universe knew how to dab! The President of the Universe, Llama Pizzahead, passed a law to ban dabbing. He went on television and announced, "This new dance, dabbing, is too popular. It's distracting everyone from their jobs. It is now banned!"

Secretly, President Pizzahead banned dabbing because it was more popular than him. Dabby saw the president’s announcement and was horrified. He and the rest of the Dabbing Dazzles decided to protest around the universe. Zillions of creatures joined the protest but President Pizzahead would not change his mind. Dabby decided that he had to run for president himself. A rab-eep called Rebecca was his campaign manager. Dabby and Llama Pizzahead made speeches but they were not good enough and the voters couldn’t make up their minds.

So then they had a dance-off. Dabby danced first – he dabbed amazingly, like no one had ever seen before. He didn’t make any mistakes.

Llama Pizzahead did ballet. He was horrible – he didn’t point his feet or straighten his legs. Everyone booed him off the stage. Everybody loved Dabby’s performance so he won the election!

The first thing Dabby did was to change the law. All the creatures in the universe started dabbing in celebration. All of Dabby’s fans and friends surprised him at his inauguration with a giant golden statue in Potato Park of Dabby and his band dabbing. There was also a miniature statue for his office.

Dabby and dabbing were never, ever forgotten.