Raptor Kid Saves The Day

2nd Class, St Malachy’s Boys National School, Raheny, Dublin 5

Illustration: Imran Nasrudin

Illustration: Imran Nasrudin


Once upon a time a boy called Raptor Kid lived in New York. One day, Raptor Kid ran into the evil T-Rex Man. Raptor Kid was scared of T-Rex Man because he had red eyes.

Raptor Kid was able to run away so fast because he practised for gymnastics. His one wish was to be a professional gymnast.

Raptor Kid heard, “Help! Help!” over and over again. He followed the voice to find his best friend, Diamond Golden the Dragon of Treasure.

T-Rex Man was holding Diamond Golden hostage until he gave him a golden bar and a diamond.

As Raptor Kid ran, T-Rex Man swung his tail around to try to knock Raptor Kid off his feet. But it was a trick! It was only a hologram of Raptor Kid. T-Rex man realised when he tried to grab Raptor Kid’s tee-shirt but there was nothing to grab.

Meanwhile, the real Raptor Kid freed Diamond Golden and jumped on his back to fly away. As they were trying to escape, T-Rex Man came back to try to stop them. Raptor Kid jumped off Diamond Golden’s back and used his super-speed to run rings around T-Rex Man to make him dizzy so they could escape.

T-Rex Man got so dizzy that he fell over on top of Raptor Kid. He was stuck because there was a net on the ground. It was a trap!! “Can someone help us?” shouted Raptor Kid and T-Rex Man together. Diamond Golden used the claws on his wings to free the two of them from the net. Raptor Kid and T-Rex Man were shocked and felt emotional after their ordeal. They soon became friends and made a deal to never scare or hurt each other again. They began to talk to each other.

“What stuff do you like to do?” asked Raptor Kid. “I really like karate!” replied T-Rex Man.

“That’s good!” said Raptor Kid. “I really love gymnastics, my dream is to become a professional gymnast one day!”

They decided to enter The Flash Superhero Olympics. It was going to be held in 2019. They knew they had a year to train. Together they practised the long jump, triple jumps, flipping over poles and running really fast. They often felt exhausted but they were also happy as they knew they were getting better and better every day! Diamond Golden helped with their training. He set up their equipment.

“Keep going! Faster! You’re doing great!” he would shout. Finally, it was the first day of 2019. The big day had arrived! Raptor Kid was feeling really nervous but excited at the same time. He was shaking with nerves but he believed in himself.

Raptor Kid had his gymnastics competition at the same time as T-Rex Man had his karate final. Diamond Golden was sitting on a pew watching both of his friends compete. He waved pom-poms in the air to cheer them on.

When the competition was over, Raptor Kid and T-Rex Man met outside the venue and showed each other their gold medals. To celebrate their win, they went to a restaurant. They ordered a delicious meal. They were about to pay the bill when the door of the restaurant opened and in walked the Crocodile Kid, their arch enemy from the Flash Olympics.

“Oh no!” said Raptor Kid, “It’s hero time!”And the three friends jumped to action.