Crosaire No 17391 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 10th, 2020

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1 If you’re in this, expect to be brought to book (CRIMINAL CLASS) where you won’t learn the right lessons (CRIMINAL CLASS),

10 Substance to chemical analysis (REAGENT) by colourful type (red) briefly (d)  (‘red’ without ‘d’ = RE-) hired by the CIA (-AGENT) (REAGENT),

11 Credit (Cr = C-R) covers a Bandon (‘a Bandon’ = abandon = -LEAVE-) (CLEAVER) chopper used by the butcher (CLEAVER),

12 Escaped from aides-de-camp (‘escaped’ from ‘aides-de-camp’ = aidm = MAID) with the help of the Big House (MAID),


13 Offence (CRIME) that’s typical for all sides today (CRIME on all sides of today’s grid),

15 Knocking back (= reverse indicator) spirit (mood = DOOM) leads to disaster (DOOM),

17 Those consumed by mass meeting (those consumed by ‘masS MEeting’ = sme) recalled (= reverse indicator) (sme = EMS) measures employed in The Media (EMS used for measuring the width of printed matter),

19 Sporting (= anagram indicator) hints (hints = NI-HTS) about golf (-G-) (NIGHTS) for those in the dark (NIGHTS),

21 Copy (MIRROR) of the paper? (MIRROR),

22 On paper, a guessing game (HANGMAN) for Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) in Ghana (Ghana = HANG-A-) playing close to Ashaiman (close/ end to ‘ashaimaN’ = -N) (HANGMAN),

23 Kitty (pot) and Buddy (pal) setting up (= reversal indicator) (pot = -TOP + pal = LAP-) (LAPTOP) computer (LAPTOP),

25 Clean your spark plugs (TUNE UP) with batter from peanut butter? (‘batter’ from ‘peanut butter’ = penutu = TUNE UP),

27 Served up (= reverse indicator) in sauerkraut (in ‘sauerKRAut’ = kra = ARK) in old crafty refuge (ARK),

29 Rows (OARS) around oaf-leaf clusters (around ‘OAf-leaf clusteRS’  = OARS),

30 It’s far from February (it’s ‘far’ from ‘February’ = ebruy = BUYER) for investor (BUYER),

31 Lip reader dismisses idler (‘lip reader’ dismisses ‘idler’ = paer = PEAR) from the conference (conference PEAR),

34 Tolerant (LENIENT) of a German (‘a’ German = ein) Rising (= reverse indicator) (ein = -NIE-) in a period before Easter (Lent  = LE-NT) (LENIENT),

35 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) Schull locally (‘Schull’ = ‘skull’ locally = NUT-) is identical to (-LIKE) (NUT-LIKE) or similar in nature to Brazil (NUT-LIKE),

36 The one in the study examining records (CRIMINOLOGIST) produced by the profiler (CRIMINOLOGIST).


2 Wedding band (ring = R-ING) holds three notes (three music notes = E+A-D = -EAD-) (READING) skimming through the catalogue (READING),

3 Submissive (MEEK) Frenchman (M-) has seven days (week) to head off (w) ‘week’ without ‘w’ = -EEK) (MEEK),

4 Etna (Etna) blows up (= anagram indicator) (Etna = NAT-E) around old city (-UR-) (NATURE), in essence (NATURE),

5 Some substitutes (LOCUMS) rob from clubrooms (‘rob’ from ‘clubrooms’ = cluoms = LOCUMS),

6 Upsetting (= reverse indicator) extremes of Security Council (extremes of ‘SEcurity councIL’  = seil = LIES) propaganda (LIES),

7 The deliverer (SAVIOUR) of various (various) fudges? (= anagram indicator) (various = SAVIOUR),

8 Presumably, what the Garda is looking for (CRIMINAL WORLD) in prison, for instance (CRIMINAL WORLD),

9 Has a job on the paper writing about Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (CRIME REPORTER) and describing Murder in the Cathedral (CRIME REPORTER),

14 Picture (IMAGE-) is very (very) fair (half) (half of “veRY” = -RY) (IMAGERY) with colourful language (IMAGERY),

16 Those (those) suspect (= anagram indicator) (those = ETHOS) cultural values (ETHOS),

18 Sun (sun) comes up (= reverse indicator) (sun = -NUS) behind motorway (MI-) (MINUS) takeaway (take away = MINUS),

20 Clears up, removing ulcer (‘clears up’ removing ‘ulcer’ = asp = SAP) and liquid that circulates in the vascular system (SAP),

21 Greene isn’t part of agreement (‘Greene’ isn’t part of ‘agreement’ = amt = MAT) with runner (MAT),

24 Lover (PARTNER) reviews (= reversal indicator) monthly bill (rent = -TNER) for music (rap = PAR-) (PARTNER),

26 Laments (ELEGIES) energy (E-) that’s (that is = i.e. = -IE-) drawn in by props (legs = -LEG-S) (ELEGIES),

27 Old writer (Jane AUSTEN) from America (-US-) in The Sun idolised (Aten = sun god/sun disc god = A-TEN) (AUSTEN),

28 Boxer’s digs (KENNEL for boxer/dog) in south-eastern English county (Kent) isn’t finished (t) (‘Kent’ without ‘t’ = KEN-), holding up (= reverse indicator) Len (Len = -NEL) (KENNEL),

32 Some chose a matronly (some ‘choSE A Matronly’ = SEAM) line of fashion perhaps (SEAM),

33 Bust a gut containing  (‘buST A Gut’ containing  = STAG) party of lads (STAG).