Crosaire No 17366 by Crossheir – Friday, September 11th, 2020

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8 Poached (STOLEN) fish (sole = S-OLE-) contains bone (-T- bone) and it’s not the first (‘Not’ the first = -N) (STOLEN),

9 Church (CH-) antagonism (rivalry) dismisses leader (r) (‘rivalry’ without ‘r’ = -IVALRY) (CHIVALRY) with old noble ideas (CHIVALRY),

10 Some characters develop useful (some characters ‘develOP USeful’ = OPUS) work by the artist (OPUS),


11 Pig (sow = S- -OW) swallows tree (-ASH) snake (WIND-) (SASH WINDOW) within view of the house? (SASH WINDOW),

12 Concealed by hijab, Armani (concealed by ‘hijaB ARMANis’ = BARMAN) is selling to local regulars (BARMAN),

14 Timely (PUNCTUAL) quip (PUN-) damages (= anagram indicator) a cult (a cult = -CTUAL) (PUNCTUAL),

15 The Greens (BRUSSELS SPROUTS) in European Parliament (BRUSSELS) sound off (sound off = SP-OUT-) about tip for recycling (tip for ‘Recycling’ = -R-) at school (-S) (BRUSSELS SPROUTS),

18 Spokesman (ADVOCATE) for champion (champion/support = ADVOCATE),

20 Gave out (ISSUED) to one (I-) society (-S-) taken to court (-SUED) (ISSUED),

22 At one’s wits’ end (DISTRAUGHT) with hash (= anagram indicator) drugs that (drugs that = D-STRAUGHT) circulate island (-I-) (DISTRAUGHT),

24 Central to Franz Josef I’s hard-line angle (central to ‘franz joseF I S Hard-line’ = FISH) angle (FISH),

25 Daphne is (Daphne is = DEANSHIP) distributing (= anagram indicator) the college post (DEANSHIP),

26 Ruffle someone’s feathers (NEEDLE) with what’s on the record player (NEEDLE).


1 Outs a pilot not getting lots (‘outs a pilot’ not getting ‘lots’ = ‘outapi’ = UTOPIA) of more work? (Thomas More’s UTOPIA),

2 As well as (PLUS) blonde from Spellbound (‘blonde’ from ‘spellbound’ = splu = PLUS),

3 Popular (IN) American (A) sight? (SENSE) (IN A SENSE) Sort of! (IN A SENSE),

4 Walks nervously (paces) heading off (p) (‘paces’ without ‘p’  = ACES) with experts (ACES),

5 Mutually beneficial (WIN-WIN) to Bordeaux (wine) and Burgundy (wine), in both cases shortly? (n+n) (‘wine’ + ‘wine’ without ‘n’ = WIN-WIN),

6 Those in a jam (cars in a traffic jam = CAR-S) around the country (-NATION-) (CARNATIONS) coming from the florists (CARNATIONS),

7 Full of oneself (ARROGANT) in Dart (arrow) almost (w) (‘arrow’ without ‘w’ = ARRO-) going from capital to Greystones (capital to ‘Greystones’ = -G-) with worker (-ANT) (ARROGANT),

13 Most of (s) the address (‘miss’ without ‘s’ = MIS-) by Lady Luck (-FORTUNE) (MISFORTUNE) in Hard Times perhaps (MISFORTUNE),

14 Pâté (PASTE) line coming out of Palestine (‘line’ coming out of ‘Palestine’ paest = PASTE),

16 Revolutionaries (reds = RED -S) found around a fair amount of (half of) 5 down (half of ‘win-win = WIN-) and Oriental (East = -E) (RED WINES) ports (RED WINES),

17 Lament (pine = P-INE) over teacher (Sir) going around (= reverse indicator) (Sir = -RIS-) by car (model -T-) (PRISTINE) that’s in mint condition (PRISTINE),

19 Lack of interest (APATHY) in a (A-) cycleway (-PATH-) close to Kilkenny (close/end to ‘kilkennyY’  = -Y) (APATHY),

21 It’s not hard (easy = EAS-Y) consuming heads of iceberg lettuce (heads of ‘Iceberg Lettuce’ = -IL-) (EASILY) without effort? (EASILY),

23 Fissures (GAPS) in both sides of revolutionary (= reverse indicator) Spanish flag (both sides of revolutionary ‘SPanish flAG’ = GAPS),

24 A mere handful (few = F-EW) around central Ireland (central ‘ireLand’ = -L-) (FLEW) took off (FLEW).