Copper Face Jacks firm makes €6.8m pretax profit

Company had accumulated profits of €54.7 million at the end of January 2013

The company that operates Copper Face Jacks nightclub in Dublin made pretax profits of €6.8 million in the year to the end of January 2013, according to the latest published financial accounts for Breanagh Catering Ltd.

The company had accumulated profits of €54.7 million at the end of that period, meaning it had accumulated this money, rather than paying it out in dividends to its shareholders, over the period of the company’s existence.

The company was incorporated in August 1995 and it is owned by former garda Cathal Jackson (58) and his wife Paula (46), who live in Dublin.

In their report accompanying the abridged accounts, the directors, Mr and Ms Jackson, say they plan to continue the company’s activities and increase turnover in the coming year.

Combined €

1 million salary
The two directors were paid a combined salary of €

1 million in the 2013 financial year, up from €566,460 the previous year.

The accounts say the company had an average of 188 staff during the year, down from 194 the previous year.

The accounts say the total employment costs, including redundancy costs of €71,209, were €4.17 million. The employment costs include the directors’ salaries.

The nightclub is part of the Jackson Court Hotel on Harcourt Street, which is also operated by Breanagh Catering. Accounts for 2011 show door receipts that year were €2.9 million, cloakroom receipts €217,146 and accommodation receipts €383,697.

The interest earned on cash on deposit that year was €925,930.

This type of detail is not given in the more recent accounts.

Breanagh Catering Holdings
Cathal and Paula Jackson are also directors and shareholders of Breanagh Catering Holdings Ltd, which does not appear to trade, and three subsidiaries of that company that were incorporated in 2007 but dissolved in 2010, all apparently without trading.

In the 1990s Mr Jackson was a shareholder and director of a number of companies including Fibber Magee Nites Ltd and Royal Hotel Exchange Ltd, both of Parnell Street, Dublin.

In the early 1990s he was a director of Security Extra Ltd, a security firm also with an address on Parnell Street.

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