Chief executive of TodayFM resigns unexpectedly

Peter McPartlin leaves after four years at the helm and also leaves TXFM, a Dublin alternative rock station which was previously called Phantom

The chief executive of the TodayFM radio station has resigned from the post. The departure of Peter McPartlin was announced by Communicorp, Denis O'Brien's media company encompassing his various radio stations in Ireland – including TodayFM, Newstalk, 98FM, TXFM and Spin FM – the UK and Bulgaria.

Mr McPartlin, who came from an advertising background, was four years in charge at TodayFM and is credited with raising the station’s profile steadily. He has also left TXFM, a Dublin-centric station specialising in alternative rock. It was formerly known as Phantom.

No reason was given for Mr McPartlin’s departure. A TodayFM spokeswoman acknowledged it was “sudden and not expected”.

Mr McPartlin said it was time for a change. “I now want to devote time to explore new opportunities, both from a personal and career point of view, while I have the freedom to do so,” he said.


A month ago, the Communicorp chair Lucy Gaffney, announced her departure from the board of Independent News and Media, which Mr O'Brien also controls.There are no indications, however, that Ms Gaffney is exiting Communicorp.

Peter Murtagh

Peter Murtagh

Peter Murtagh is a contributor to The Irish Times