Frankfurt charges onwards


The German bourse ended floor trading at a record closing high as the strong dollar provided export oriented companies enough fuel to send the DAX index charging higher. Traders were confident the market was on track for more records. In post bourse trade the DAX index stood at 2,525.59.

Paris CAC 40: 2,93.94 (+12.23)

French shares closed stronger on the back of hopes for a cut in interest rates by the Bank of France on Thursday, major gains by the franc against the mark brought the French unit to a 25 month high, stoking bond markets and equities which cheered at the franc above 3.39 per mark in early afternoon.

Milan Mibtel 9,744 (+236)

Italian shares surged higher for the second day running with investors taking an optimistic view of the April 21st election, and a big US investment bank fuelling the rise by turning buyers to Italy.

Dealers said that investors were betting on a clear winner emerging from the election or that the election would not have much effect on shares anyway.