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Ask the Expert: Jim Toal, Fairco Windows & Doors CEO and founder

Fairco manufacture and install the highest quality windows and doors for Irish homes

1. How will Fairco guide me in making the right choice for my property type?

We offer a free home consultation service where one of our very experienced team will call to your home at a convenient time for you. They will note your specific requirements and talk through design, product range, colour range and glazing options with you. We offer a huge range of windows and doors to suit all home types. From initial design to stress-free installation, our specialists are here to guide you every step of the way.

2. In recent years I’ve noticed that window frames are no longer just white, there seem to be several new colours available, will Fairco offer a variety of colours?

With the huge improvements in technology, it is now possible to choose any colour and finish you desire. There is a huge choice of material such as laminate foils, aluminium with a sputter finish, uPVC and a wide selection of furniture to match. There is also a huge variety in colours, with shades of grey such as agate, anthracite and pebble being particularly popular at the moment.


There are countless colour combinations possible and our home consultants will help you choose the perfect windows and doors to create your dream home for the years to come.

3. What kind of lifespan can I expect from Fairco windows?

Fairco has been providing windows and doors to Irish homes for 25 years, and in that time, we have seen it’s hugely important that people get value for money. We use only the highest quality components in the manufacture of our doors and windows, ensuring that everything exceeds the industry standards for quality, longevity and security.

All our products are severe weather tested to survive the unique challenges of the Irish climate, which is cold and humid in winter, and they will last up to thirty years and longer with annual maintenance.

4. What are the best glazing options, i.e. Single, Double, Triple etc.?

We only supply A+ rated glass whether a customer chooses double or triple glazing. Triple glazing is highly recommended for north-facing apertures, where it reduces heat loss, but provides a slightly lower U-value due to the loss in solar heat gain.

With modern updates to double glazing, it can now be as efficient as triple glazing. We recommend double glazing for the likes of our Fairco Sash and Heritage Sash windows that perfectly replicate the style of older timber windows, but with a modern A+ rated performance.

5. I live on a busy road. Is it possible to soundproof my house via my windows?

With our double or triple glazed windows, we can add A+ acoustic glazing which aids dramatically in reducing traffic noise, even on busy roads. This soundproof glazing increases the thickness of the glass which deflects and dissipates the sound waves from the traffic. With the use of multiple thickness inter-layers and glass, you will have a much more peaceful and relaxing home.

6. How secure are Fairco windows?

At Fairco security, style and warmth go hand-in-hand. We make sure our windows and frames are airtight to prevent draughts, but this also means burglars have no place to insert a crowbar. Stopping burglars from entering your home is the best way to safeguard against intrusion.

All our windows and doors are manufactured to PAS-24 Enhanced Resistance to Intrusion standards, and built with high impact security glass to make them almost impossible to break into. This is the minimum standard a customer should insist on when investing in new windows and doors.

7. How long should I expect your installers to be at my property?

The average installation takes two to three days from start to finish. All our fitters are highly skilled and very experienced working in customers’ homes and take the greatest care possible. Our fitters bring dust sheets to protect your carpets and furniture and clean up their work area at the end of every day. For any job big or small, they’ll ensure that your house is your home at the end of every day.

8. Any helpful hints?

Windows and doors can make such an impact in a home, for security, warmth, noise proofing and aesthetics. With a product that should last decades, we always recommend to our customers to invest wisely and invest once in the best product they can afford.

We recommend that our customers visit our showrooms in Deansgrange or Santry and talk to our friendly and expert staff who will guide them through our full range of windows and doors. They can then book a home visit with our experienced fitters who will help them choose the best possible look for their home.

Once the new windows and doors are installed, they should be cleaned at least once a year using a soft cloth and soapy water. There is no need to use scouring pads. All the moving parts such as locks and hinges should be oiled using a spray oil at least twice a year. This simple maintenance advice will add years to the lifespan of the windows and doors.

9. Are Fairco windows covered by any kind of warranty?

We offer a ten-year warranty on all our windows and doors and a back-to-back guarantee on all moving parts. Even after the warranty period, customers can book a service appointment by calling our showrooms or visiting our website.

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Invest wisely, invest once with Fairco. Our friendly team of professionals will assess your needs and provide a precise quote for our services. Our superior work will bring warmth and comfort to your home.

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