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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits the Yuphyong Revolutionary Site, in this undated photo released today by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). Photograph: KCNA/Reuters

North Korea today offered high-level talks with the United States to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula, only days after it cancelled planned offi(...)

Pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo holds a letter to US president Barack Obama, beside a combination photo featuring Obama and Edward Snowden, at a news conference in Hong Kong yesterday in support of Snowden. Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters

The revelations by Edward Snowden about widescale US government surveillance are raising uncomfortable issues in Washington. But the former intelligen(...)

One of those who managed to slip through the tax loophole before it was closed was Irish trucking magnate Robert “Pino” Harris. Photograph: Garrett White/Collins

The appearance of one significant Irish name on the database of offshore records is explained by a loophole in the Irish tax laws that the Revenue Co(...)

High security: razor wire near Lough Erne, in advance of the G8 leaders’ arrival. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA
The power of eight

Never before have so many of the world’s most powerful people gathered on this island. As G8 delegations fly into Belfast and Dublin this weekend to a(...)

Exports rose slightly in April compared to the previous month, according to preliminary figures from the Central Statistics Office. Exports in April w(...)

Irish supply chain solutions company PCH International will open an engineering and product development facility in San Francisco in October. It will (...)

Spain’s Inditex, which owns the Zara chain, posted its weakest quarterly growth in net profit in four years

Cold weather in recession-weary Europe left spring collections on the racks of the world’s biggest clothing retailers, Inditex and H&M, while sma(...)

The chancellor of the National University of Ireland (NUI) has spoken of “the centrality of human rights in the work of medical graduates” during a(...)

Workers at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Photograph: Michaela  Rehle/Reuters

Assuming that the science is right and that human-derived carbon dioxide is largely responsible for the shift in global climate, then the transport in(...)

The trade row between China and the European Union looks set to get uglier, as the Beijing government says it still has cards to play in the dispute a(...)

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