The Re:publica technology event in Dublin started on Thursday morning: The festival, originating in Berlin, has grown from a 700-person meeting of bloggers in its first year to an annual three-day event which drew 8,000 people last May.

Technology has the power to transform how human rights are delivered but it also has the power to discriminate and create a chilling effect on democra(...)

Eirgrid says it has data facility enquiries on the table that would need another 1,000MW worth of power from 2019 onwards.

The good news: Ireland is becoming a major international hub for data centres. The bad news: Ireland is becoming a major international hub for data(...)

So now the vote has taken place, and even if the UK actually survives – which isn’t all that clear yet – Ireland and Malta will be the only English-speaking countries in the European Union. Photograph: Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg

I’ve written briefly in the past on the possible impact of Brexit on Ireland and its technology sector, arguing that it (obviously) offered opportunit(...)

The proposed Privacy Shield increasingly seems as likely to protect EU citizens’ digital data as Captain America’s comic book shield.

Another week, another pummelling of the Privacy Shield, which increasingly seems as likely to protect EU citizens’ digital data as Captain America’s c(...)

LinkedIn: “I’ve got 209 waiting there at the moment; that’s how long it has been since I even looked at my account.” Photograph:  Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Having had a couple of weeks now during which I’ve considered some weighty internet and technology related issues on various panels and seminars and i(...)

Companies have relied on the fact that you don’t read Eulas to insert a clause covering them should there be  a  zombie apocalypse. Really. Photograph: Getty Images

Every time I download a new app or update my phone or laptop software, I am ashamed. Ashamed, and, I admit, a bit furtive. And it happens every sing(...)

On what grounds does the Government continue to retain data? Did  journalists hold it to account? No. On what grounds does it still provide access – which the ECJ has stated is unlawfully lax – to  the Garda, Revenue, the Defence Forces and, apparently, the GSOC?

All the hand-wringing from journalists, unions and media companies – even politicians and ministers – over the GSOC’s accessing of journalist’s call r(...)

Locked out: can a nation state demand data held in another state’s territory, circumventing treaties and agreements?

The fate of emails sitting in a Dublin-based computer server will soon be determined by a US court in a critical case that will shape – and perhaps en(...)

Teenagers are acutely aware of what they post, how they are seen, whether posts are liked. They will self-censor and delete, out of embarrassment and shame. Photograph: Thinkstock

As a fairly early adopter of the internet and computers, going back to the 1980s, I’ve always thought I had a pretty good handle on what it is like to(...)

Exit strategy: Web Summit foudner Paddy Cosgrave. Photograph: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

On the Dart to Sandymount they’re talking about angels and unicorns. Which is strange, as they’re not five-year-olds. In fact pretty much everyone in (...)

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