The morning I moved into the bottle, I was at home with nothing else to do. Many people before me have been in the same position, but have somehow avo(...)

“They drive up to the same spot and the same man gets out of the first truck. Instead of getting to work, he walks towards the trailer.”

They came last night in big rumbling trucks with tanks in the beds and took water from the lake. I should have been sleeping. Tim’s gone because I’ve (...)

Ethel Rohan

Inside Tolka Park my five-year-old, Sorcha, pleads with me to push her higher on the swing. Maeve, older than her sister by two years, sits nearby on (...)

Photograph: Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Saturday Mother woke me this afternoon with sharp raps on the front room ceiling. My eyes opened wide and I shouted down in my best sensible voice. (...)

Photograph: Getty Images

It was evening. She was sitting looking out the window looking out over the sea. The tide was out and the shifting sands were stretching towards the h(...)

Yan Ge: ‘People’s Literature’ magazine recently chose her as one of China’s 20 future literary masters. Photograph: Alan Betson

First, it was Nana who mentioned the Japanese. It was a rainy day in Ballina. The cold, wet wind rushed from the west coast and roared through the tow(...)