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‘If you were to meet me you would never guess what I have experienced. Anyone who is feeling lonely or alone: just hold on.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

‘Are you lonely? Do you experience feelings of isolation? How do you cope with those feelings?” These were the questions we posed to readers this w(...)

Barbara at home in Lucan. Photograph: Alan Betson

‘Why do I light candles?” says Barbara. “I didn’t light them because you were coming. I light candles all the time, because when I look around I se(...)

Photograph: Thinkstock

I didn’t use my real name when I filled in the very short online form. I decided instead to hide behind my middle name, Maria. It was one of th(...)

Darragh O’Shea: ‘Over the years I have often felt homesick and very alone. What started as a lump in the back of my throat soon developed into a dull ache.’

I have not strayed far. I live on a gentrified street in west London, the type of place where Porches are parked straight and dog mess is put in a bag(...)

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Loneliness is not just a symptom of the human condition, caused by lack of socialisation. It is a running theme throughout every life. To be human (...)

‘When I made the decision to come to Australia, I knew something had to change. I was already lonely and unhappy in Ireland. In my mind, the only thing worse than coming out here was staying at home and nothing changing.’

I have moved 17,000km away from Ireland to Perth, a city where I knew no one when I arrived, apart from my boyfriend. He managed to get a job down (...)

‘Some people will feel very ashamed and embarrassed they don’t have friends on call, but many older people lose friends and spouses.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Loneliness. We all know the feeling of being isolated, alone, unconnected. For most of us it might just be an off-day, but loneliness can become a (...)

‘We can’t go on like this. It is difficult to explain the isolation we feel.’  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien /The Irish Times

I returned to Ireland from the US with my family ten years ago, but my husband and I have never settled. We had lived in New York for 12 years, and(...)

Life as performance: Kim Noble

Kim Noble is a performer who inspires contradictory responses. At the end of his most recent solo show, You’re Not Alone, for instance, I was not s(...)

Illustration: Thinkstock

PROBLEM: I think that loneliness is the issue for me and I can’t seem to sort it. On the face of things, I have nothing to complain about: I have a jo(...)

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