Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko claimed on Monday that no one had been beaten or tortured by his security forces. Photograph: Dmitry Astakhov/AFP via Getty Images

The United States, Canada and Britain have imposed new sanctions on Belarus as its veteran leader, Alexander Lukashenko, said the West risked provokin(...)

A woman during a protest in Minsk in August, 2020. Photograph: Sergei Gapon/AFP via Getty

The pro-democracy movement in Belarus is defiant as the Lukashenko regime jails and exiles critics When Belarusian police raided the media organ(...)

 Belarusian opposition figures Maria Kolesnikova (centre) and Maxim Znak during a court hearing in Minsk on Wednesday. Photograph: Ramil Nasibulin/EPA

Belarus has put two more leading pro-democracy figures on trial amid continuing repression of its opposition movement, as one of the country’s Olympic(...)

Vitaly Shishov posing for a photo in Kiev.  The Belarusian activist was found dead in a park in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Tuesday. Photograph: Handout/Facebook page of Vitaly Shishov/AFP via Getty Images

Belarusian pro-democracy groups have blamed the country’s autocratic regime for the death of an opposition activist who was found hanged, as one of th(...)