Tommy Crossan

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The bonfire built at the bottom of the Lecky Road flyover, on the road in Derry’s Bogside, marking August 15th is lit late on Monday night. Huge crowds attended and election posters of nationalist and unionist politicians were burned. Photograph: Margaret McLaughlin

Twenty years ago, in August 1996, a statement in the name of a Continuity IRA army council highlighted a new threat to the Northern Ireland peace proc(...)

The PSNI said Tommy Crossan was known to police, but no matter what his lifestyle was, ‘absolutely nothing justifies this barbaric action against him’.

Masked men wearing berets and black ties have escorted the funeral procession of the man shot dead in west Belfast last week. Tommy Cross(...)

 Dominic Óg McGlinchey: “There were things done that were unimaginable, not normal, but normal for people who lived in the occupied Six Counties.” Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Dominic Óg McGlinchey has serious misgivings and questions to ask about the strategic, pragmatic and even moral purpose of the continuing dissi(...)

The shooting was condemned by the North’s Minister for Justice David Ford. Photograph: Mark Pearce/Pacemaker.

A former leading member of the Continuity IRA, named locally last night as Tommy Crossan, was shot dead in a fuel depot(...)