Tommy Banks

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Gerry Godley, at home with his cookbooks, in Rialto, Dublin. ‘In a world full of fads, blow-ins and opportunists, my fondness for Rick Stein remains undimmed.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Gerry Godley is the principal of Leeds College of Music. He was previously a chef and has also been a broadcaster, a saxophonist and concert producer.(...)

 Pro Life Campaign spokesperson EilisMulroney (centre) during an awareness event focusing on the abortion legislation  outside Leinster House. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Anti-abortion activists and disability campaigners protested outside Leinster House on Thursday against abortion legislation currently before the Dáil(...)

The state of mind that academics call “chronic unease” is a relief amid the welter of positive blither one hears from the likes of Sir Richard Branson.

I do not live in the countryside and am seldom mistaken for a gentleman, yet every so often I arrive at work to find a copy of the Country Gentlemen’s(...)

The anti-repeal movement in Sligo-Leitrim has been troubled by some of its more zealous proponents.

The mountain spoke on Wednesday but appeared to have changed its mind by Friday, or at least decided to resume its majestic silence. Tommy Banks decla(...)