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As implied by its subtitle (“Waving our flag high – music from the original counter-culture”), this fascinating compilation of mostly 1960s left-of-ce(...)

In April 1943, the Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann accidentally  ingested a small amount of a compound he was analysing, LSD

Much as I enjoy cycling, I didn’t participate in the global event known as Bicycle Day, the 75th anniversary of which fell on Thursday. There wasn’t m(...)

Diane does not look like someone who would drug your venison chilli. She sits on a San Francisco patio, her dewy blue eyes lucid, her blonde, subtly a(...)

  John Lennon. Photograph: Getty Images

Cruising what used to be called the Information Superhighway recently, I took a wrong turn somewhere and found myself briefly lost on a weird section (...)

While in Ireland, Grace Jones became aware of the Repeal movement, for which she’s promised to lend her support. Photograph: Vincent Duterne/Photonews via Getty Images

Grace Jones strides into our agreed restaurant exactly as expected: towering over the waiters, in sunglasses and a flowing Issey Miyake coat, an hour(...)

To “drop in” is the new phrase for turning off technology and being one with yourself and nature. It’s reminiscent of that 1960s motto “Turn on, tune (...)

Timothy Leary: LSD scientist Albert Hoffman told him “he was happy that they would use it not only in a medical and therapeutic way. But he also wanted it used to expand human consciousness.”

Albert Hoffman, the Swiss scientist who discovered LSD in 1943, experienced the first psychedelic “trip” caused by the drug as he rode his bicycle hom(...)