Simon Maher

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Still value in FM? Some 13 interested parties have answered the broadcasting regulator’s call for submissions on new radio services. Photograph: iStock.

A total of 17 submissions have been made to the broadcast regulator following its call for expressions of interest in possible new radio licences. Th(...)

Posters promoting TXFM on its launch in 2014. The alternative music station was previously known as Phantom and began life as a pirate broadcaster

TXFM, the Dublin alternative music station previously known as Phantom 105.2, is set to close down. The consortium behind the loss-making station deci(...)

Simon Maher: “For us, it’s a 15-week business card.”

Music station, set up by Phantom FM co-founder Simon Maher, will return for its second run of weekend FM broadcasts from Saturday under a t(...)