Sarah Beeny

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Annual house price growth in the UK slowed to its lowest levels in nearly five years in May, official figures show. Across the UK, average property va(...)

Sarah Beeny asked her Twitter followers to suggest essential DIY skills which she compiled into a list of 100 jobs. Photograph: John Carey

Sarah Beeny is the canny business woman with the gravelly-voice. An author and a TV personality she has written seven books and fronted numerous TV sh(...)

Before: Kenbern, Newtownpark Avenue in Blackrock when it was bought for €170,250

If you think Sarah Beeny-type property transformations, where a quick renovation can add another digit to the purchase price, are confined to the year(...)

Architect Tom McGimsey outside No 38 Northumberland Road. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

City centre offices in period houses no longer command the rental highs of the boom years. The second-home tax and the recent law requiring pre-63 pro(...)