Rob Zombie

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Halloween Kills

Another film originally scheduled for release in a different time finally lands in our cinemas. Not everyone would have guessed that David Gordon Gree(...)

Walton Goggins: “My dialect coach said: You don’t have the looks, so you’re going to need to work harder than everybody else.” Photograph: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Walton Goggins is in chipper form and he has a question: “I just did the 23-and-Me genetic test. My wife and my son did it at the same time.  It (...)

Princess Nokia: She’s our new VBF because she’s fascinating, deeply imaginative, radical, witty, wise and observant.  Photograph: Rough Trade

“I’m that Black a-Rican bruja straight out from the Yoruba/ And my people come from Africa diaspora, Cuba/ And you mix that Arawak, that original peop(...)

Evil Dead

Recovering heroin addict Mia and four associates head out to a remote location where the token geeky friend reads aloud from the Book of(...)