Peter Medawar

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 A doctor prepares a dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine at Cremona Hospital, Italy, on January 6th. Photograph:  Marco Mantovani/Getty Images

This article relates to the upcoming Irish Times Winter Nights festival. More details at the bottom of this page. For full line-up and tickets go to i(...)

A new book argues doctors and patients speak different languages when it comes to disease and illness. Photograph: iStock

The use of language in interactions between doctor and patient is a subject close to my heart. So it was a particular pleasure when a newly published (...)

Prof Richard Dawkins and physicist Stephen Hawking are dismissive of philosophy. Photograph: Alan Betson

Science has been spectacularly successful over the past 500 years in its primary job of investigating how the natural world works. Science is wonderfu(...)

Chief concerns with the way scientists do research include inadequate understanding of statistics, publishing studies that can’t be reproduced because they used shoddy procedures or didn’t have enough data, or because they ‘spun’ the data to please sponsors. Photograph: Thinkstock

The1960 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, Peter Medawar, famously remarked in 1983: “In terms of fulfilment of declared intentions, science(...)

Jonathan Meades: “A good chair is vital. I have a Canasta by Heron Parigi. It cost £800 16 years ago – it was worth it.” Photograph: BBC

Jonathan Meades is an author and broadcaster, specialising in food, architecture, and culture. His latest book, An Encyclopaedia of Myself, “a port(...)

I agree with Sir Peter Medawar (1915-1987), who said “In terms of fulfilment of declared intentions, science is incomparably the most successful ente(...)