“For some years now, we have provided an occasional stop-over on a sort of underground railroad transporting stray cats and their offspring.” Photograph: Getty Images

An unintended effect of the State-wide move to Covid Level 3 is that, since Tuesday, our house has been overrun by kittens. This is because, for some (...)

‘Mr Geldof, Mr Geldof: Was it Mr Bono, in the recording booth with the mic stand?’ Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Where’s my biopic of Michelle Smith starring Nicole Kidman? Come to think of it, we’re probably due a remake of the original biopic of Michelle Smith (...)

Michael Hartnett: lament for a lost cat

Inquiring after my (still-missing) cat Pete Briquette recently, an anonymous but thoughtful reader sent me a poem by the late Michael Hartnett. This w(...)

Milo: tearing around the place like a fur tornado

First of all I’d like to thank the many readers who sent cards, emails, offers of counselling, etc, following the disappearance of my cat, Pete Brique(...)

 “The house would now now be devoid of four-legged life, except that, in a not unrelated development, at least one mouse has moved in recently”

For the first time in 17 years, it looks like Santa Claus may not be coming down our chimney this Christmas. There is still some doubt about the ma(...)

Pete Briquette: thinking of emigrating

Our young cat, Pete Briquette, has been trying out one of the other houses on our road lately. I don’t know if he’s planning a permanent move, or what(...)

Bob Geldof pictured at the One Young World summit in South Africa two weeks ago.

As midlife crises go, this one is loud, proud and lots of fun. At 62, Bob Geldof has decided to get his old punk band back together, nearly 30 years a(...)

‘As the day approached, resentment grew towards the authority figures who were intent on deflowering him, and concerns were expressed that whatever came back from the vet’s surgery would not be “the same Pete”.’
Kitten caboodle

Our seven-month-old browney-black kitten, Pete Briquette, had to have a certain operation recently, and it caused more trauma to my children th(...)