Paul Dirac

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Hungarian mathematician and physicist Cornelius Lanczos came to Dublin in 1954 and stayed until the end of the 1960s. He once saw fit to correct The Irishman’s Diary on a point of fact. And perhaps more remarkably, he was wrong.

Most people know about Erwin Schrodinger, the great Austrian physicist who spent the 1940s and later working at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Stud(...)

Werner Heisenberg

One of the more annoying grammatical errors of our time is a tendency to confuse “may” and “might” when speaking of the past. You’re watching football(...)

‘I would like to see the Berlin Wall between science and poetry demolished,’ says physicist and poet Dr Iggy McGovern

About 55,000 students will do the Leaving Cert next month. For many, it’ll be the last time they set eyes on poetry. Do you blame them?Education is of(...)