Patrick Kavanagh

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James Joyce. Some wonder whether Joyce’s revolutionary volume is being treated as a safe cultural commodity, useful for attracting visitors but losing its relevance as it does so. Photograph: Culture Club/Getty Images

Shortly after James Joyce took possession of the first copies of Ulysses in his Paris home on February 2nd, 1922, his 40th birthday, it became clear t(...)

The venue was St Stephen’s, better known as the Pepper Canister

Dublin’s Mount Streets, upper and lower, are presumed to be named for their proximity in former times to a “Gallows Hill”, located between there and w(...)

The James Webb Space Telescope

Imagine if scientists could use a telescope to peer back billions of years to the early days of the universe, to watch how planets, stars and galaxies(...)

Brian O’Nolan aka Flann O’Brien; ‘his real self was permanently elusive’

Readers may recall that Wednesday’s Diary was accompanied by a picture of Patrick Kavanagh, sitting with his friend Elizabeth O’Toole and her children(...)

Statue of Patrick Kavanagh on the canal at Baggot Street bridge, near the site of his attempted ’assassination’.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Among the revelations in Elizabeth O’Toole’s new memoir A Poet in the House, which we featured here yesterday, is what might be called fresh evidence (...)

Patrick Kavanagh – who came for a visit and stayed six months – with Elizabeth O’Toole and the O’Toole children in Stillorgan.

How about this for the opening paragraph of a new book. It’s by the Clare-born poet Elizabeth O’Toole, now 96 and living in the US where she has spent(...)

Brendan Kennelly on stage at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Brendan Kennelly Date of birth: April 17th, 1936 Date of death: October 17th, 2021 “Though we live in a world that dreams of ending that always s(...)

An account of the first UFO sighting in Ireland, 1679 (€1,750)

The first documented report of a UFO,or flying saucer, in the United States was in 1947 when entrepreneur Kenneth Arnold claimed to see a group of nin(...)

Listening for a poem on the poetry jukebox in Monaghan

By a poignant coincidence, Tuesday’s funeral of my friend Steve Dunford fell on what, in the French revolutionary calendar, would have been New Year’s(...)

The caseroom in Burgh Quay, Dublin  where the Sunday Press, Evening Press and Irish Press were produced. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The dominant Irish politician of the 20th century, Eamon de Valera, attained and retained power for one-third of that century with the help of the new(...)

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