Orla Donagher

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As soon as you walk into the building, you are on interview. “Be polite to the receptionists and anyone you meet in the company.” Photograph: iStock

So you’ve been called for interview. Your CV is up to date and you’ve done all your research on this company. You really, really want this job. You a(...)

Cormac Tierney: Architecture is quite vocational in that sense and you do it for the love and romance of building and design, not to get an easy pay day

Cormac Tierney (22) graduated from a three-year BSc in architecture degree at UCD in 2017. He took a year out to see if he enjoyed the professional si(...)

Orla Donagher: ‘There are number of third-level institutions which run a Master’s in Professional Education’

2018 is Bliain na Gaeilge. It is a year in which the Irish language will be celebrated across the country and beyond. Recent years have seen an increa(...)

Interviewers quickly determine whether they think candidates are suitable for the job, so walking into the  room suited and booted and exuding self-confidence can make all the difference. Photograph: Getty Images

In four minutes, you could run a very quick mile, take a tiny power nap or talk yourself out of a job. That’s how long it takes the average interviewe(...)