Norman Pratt

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2 Palmserston Villas Rathmines Dublin 6

Palmerston Villas, a quiet cul-de-sac off Upper Rathmines Road and around the corner from Palmerston Park, is home to just a handful of houses as a go(...)

Gail Kilroy , Monkstown, Co. Dublin  with her favourite Louis Vuitton bag.   Photograph: Eric Luke

Gail Kilroy (above) Mother of four  Girls find boys at 12, I found bags. A denim rucksack in Tenerife was the start of it. Now as(...)

Clarke’s Soaps, handmade in Dublin

I could start off this week’s column with a Grinch-like list of gifts that the nation’s gardeners are hoping not to find under the tree this year ((...)