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‘All the focus has been on older people and perhaps we have been neglecting the impact of loneliness and isolation on our younger people,’ consultant psychiatrist at St James’s hospital, Prof Brian Lawlor said. Photograph: iStock

Loneliness is increasing more among 18 to 34 year olds than for any other age group and is emerging as a “very serious public health issue”, according(...)

‘We know there’s been much anxiety for those coming through the Leaving Cert year and now facing the prospect of attending college remotely or not at all,’ said Joseph Duffy, chief executive of Jigsaw. Photograph: iStock

Young people are experiencing a “growing sense of hopelessness” and a “fear for the future” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the chief executive (...)

Will the Covid-19 pandemic help to reduce stigma around mental illness?

Interior designer Jude McCarthy says that her internalised stigma towards depression delayed her seeking the treatment she needed. Looking back now, s(...)

Covid pandemic has had ‘extraordinary impact on the mental health and quality of life of the Irish people’

Urgent action is needed to prepare for a possible second wave of coronavirus infections in mental health residential settings, the chief executive of (...)

“The need for social distancing and self-isolation has strained familial relationships and fractured the protective routines of many lives.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Mental Health Ireland, a national voluntary organisation, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, will tell the Oireachtas committee on Covid-(...)

There are rising concerns for the well-being of PhD students generally with studies showing many are at risk of developing mental health problems. Photo: iStock

Earlier this year Oliver Rosten finally got his academic paper published in a scientific journal following a series of rejections. There was nothing (...)