Leonard Barry

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Past and present coalesce gracefully on this fine collection of tunes from Kerry piper Leonard Barry, Sligo fiddler Declan Folan and gu(...)

This four-piece ensemble grew organically out of Kerry piper Leonard Barry’s last album of the same name. Wider horizons beckon here, with a rich m(...)

More power to your elbow: The Pipes, The Pipes at the Dock

Uilleann pipes are often confused with the bellicose bagpipes, meaning some people may give them a wide berth. Donal Dineen, DJ, broadcaster, photogr(...)

Majestic scenery, cute hoors and Gaelic Football; three of the most difficult things to avoid whilst galavanting through the Kingdom of Kerry. (...)

Leonard Barry: New Road
  • Music
  • November 22, 2013, 00:00

Pipes, concertina, harmonica and banjo are a rare coalition, possibly because they tend to loiter in the upper registers, where frequencies can get(...)