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ESB landowner engagement manager, Colm Smyth, said in an affidavit, the cost of this compensation “directly impacts on the cost of electricity”

The ESB is facing compensation claims for some €3.5m from property owners whose land is needed for the running of power cables for the national electr(...)

US marines with  Viet Cong prisoners in 1965:  “it seems a little crazy now, but [the Pentagon] was convinced that force could be used as a form of communication with the enemy – if you do this, we shall punish you; back down now, or we escalate. It was war as a violent conversation: a rational, deliberate and calculated conversation. And, of course, it didn’t work.” Photograph: Getty Images

This week, it’s 40 years since their war in Vietnam ended in a comprehensive and shattering defeat for South Vietnam and its US patron. A decade earli(...)