The homepage of Israel’s NSO Group which manufactures the Pegasus spyware, on display in Paris. Photograph: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images

The controversial spyware programme Pegasus, from Israeli company NSO, has been found on the phones of six Palestinian human rights activists working (...)

Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon. File photograph: The Irish Times

The regulatory world just became notably more uncertain for the big technology companies that have chosen to base their EU headquarters in Ireland. Un(...)

The winning audio documentary examined contrasting experiences of Ireland and Peru during the pandemic. Illustration: Paul Scott

An audio documentary prompted by a photograph of people being restrained by police as they attempted to leave Lima in Peru to avoid Covid-19 has won t(...)

It’s been three years this week since one of Europe’s most groundbreaking pieces of legislation, the GDPR, came into force. File photograph: Getty Images

It’s been three years this week since one of Europe’s most groundbreaking pieces of legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came i(...)

In The News is hosted by reporters Conor Pope and Sorcha Pollak.

If you are reading this on The Irish Times app, please click here to access the full version. Ransomware attackers have threatened to publish private(...)

Even if a call seems legitimate, never give out bank details or other financial information to someone who calls unsolicited.

Payments for Covid-19 tests, fake customs demands and threats of legal trouble: the scams have been coming thick and fast in the past few months. It (...)

US president Joe Biden: returning to OECD negotiations on tax while also changing US system. Photograph: Andrew Harnik

When Ireland’s low corporation tax strategy was conceived in the 1950s, it was aimed at stimulating growth at the expense of tax revenue. Today it has(...)

Many years ago I interviewed a number of leading voice technology experts, and every one referenced Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey as inspirations. Photograph: Getty Images

I’ve been reading and rereading novels of the great writer Ursula K Le Guin over the past year, and they have had me thinking about the difficulty of (...)

Helen Dixon, the Data Protection Commissioner, says draft decisions in up to seven investigations into Big Tech companies are close to being circulated with other EU regulators. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

Agreement by the Judicial Council to new guidelines for personal injury awards is a vital step to lowering insurance costs to businesses, according to(...)

Labour has had a Bill outlawing so-called “revenge porn” before the Oireachtas since 2017, going nowhere. Now, it’s suddenly urgent and the Government is promising action. File photograph: iStock

Knock knock again. Who’s there this time? The inspector. The inspector who? The inspector who has come to ensure you are taking your statutory breaks,(...)

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