The Dublin 2 district Mansion House B, which encompasses Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Square is described as “very affluent”. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Leafy Dublin 2 is the most affluent area in Ireland, while St Mary’s Park in Limerick city is the most disadvantaged, data published on Thursday will (...)

These maps are part of an All-Island Atlas project by AIRO and ICLRD. Data source: Central Statistics Office and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Reseach Centre.

The affluence and deprivation index is used by policymakers to help guide where health centres should be built, where bus routes are needed, or where(...)

Northern Ireland is   better off than the Republic according to a report which has mapped affluence and deprivation across the entire island

Northern Ireland is significantly better off than the Republic, according to a new index, which has mapped affluence and deprivation across the ent(...)

Children from better-off backgrounds fared better in areas such as social, emotional, language and cognitive skills, compared to those from poorer backgrounds. Photograph: Frank Miller

The State-funded free pre-school year has failed to narrow the gap in outcomes for children from different social classes, new research shows.The pre(...)