Eva Milka and Eoin Jenkinson of Gaelic Escargot, the snail farm and business they run in County Carlow. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

From hemp and medicinal herbs, a new generation of farmers are exploring new methods and new crops  Eva Milka first came to Ireland from Po(...)

Farmony co-founders Rodrigo Andrade, Dan O’Brien and John Paul Prior

Animals grazing peacefully in the fields and serried rows of crops stretching far into the distance are what usually come to mind when we think about (...)

Tom Keane and Claire Graham, owners of The Old Mill Stores in Connonagh Village, Co Cork –  winners of the Best Craft/Gift Shop category. Photograph: Emma Jervis

BEST CRAFT/GIFT SHOP: The Old Mill Stores On a bend in the road between Roscarbery and Leap is a real sign of the retail times. The Old Mill Stores (...)

A student at 21 Drums

‘As beautiful as they are, drums are just an inanimate object. It takes people to bring them to life. We are all here in this room because of a man(...)