Pope Francis meeting President Michael D Higgins at the Vatican last May: The Catholic Church came late to the awareness of the value of Church-State separation and the autonomy of the secular. Photograph: PA Wire

Is it time to reboot the relationship between religious believers and atheists? Recent years have been characterised by noisy and often self-defeating(...)

The Global Irish Civic Forum brought 220 diaspora representatives together in Dublin Castle to discuss topical emigrant issues. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

A “referendum day” could be held next year when the electorate will be asked to vote on whether to repeal the eighth amendment, and to extend the fran(...)

Irish diaspora: the overseas electorate could exceed the 1.7 million people who voted in the 2011 presidential election. Illustration: Digital Vision/Getty

Two weeks after finishing university, in 2013, Dean Duke left Ireland for London and a career as a political lobbyist. He believes that he and other I(...)

UCD economist Prof Morgan Kelly

Once shunned by the political establishment, UCD economist Prof Morgan Kelly was today accepted into the bosom of academia.The manwho called the prop(...)