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Independent Unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon retained her seat in North Down and warned Theresa May that her days are numbered. The one-time shoo-in for t(...)

There are more than 1.2 million eligible to vote in this week’s general election in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland voters will cast their ballots on Thursday for the seventh time in three years (one council, one EU referendum, one European, two Ass(...)

Lady Sylvia Hermon: her  vote in the House of Commons, if she is re-elected, could yield a high price on the electoral market place. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Pacemaker

Last Wednesday Lady Sylvia Hermon got the galvanising kick-start she needed for the next few weeks of hard canvassing in pleasant seaside towns such a(...)

Alliance leader David Ford. The party came under fierce criticism from unionists when it used its votes on Belfast City Council to support a motion to reduce the number of days the union flag flies on Belfast City Hall. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

There is no evidence of Alliance Party support being squeezed due to the British union flags controversy, party leader David Ford said today when laun(...)