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Michael Wollny breathes new life into the piano trio
Jazz: The best gigs this week
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  • October 28, 2017, 05:00

Guinness Cork Jazz Festival Various venues, continues till Sunday 29th. Those interested in where jazz is headed in the (...)

However complex or elaborate musical art becomes, perhaps its greatest power is in the simple sound of the human voice, expressing timeless, universal(...)

Manfred Eicher: one of the most influential figures in contemporary jazz

Manfred Eicher is leaning over a mixing desk, lost in concentration. Dressed in his trademark grey, white shoulder-length hair hanging down ov(...)

June Tabor: “Because I didn’t attempt a full-time music career until I was 40, I came to it as a very different person”

June Tabor’s dark, distinctive singing has featured on dozens of records over the past 40-odd years, ranging from raw folk songs in the style of An(...)

Christine Tobin believes in lyrics. For some singers, any old words will do as long as the music is right, but the Dublin-born vocalist has rep(...)