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Biotechnology will play a crucial role in developing and delivering therapies, vaccines and antibody tests as well as diagnosing diseases. So what wo(...)

Critics of flipped classrooms say  it can be hard to get students on board and claim the model benefits students from families with more resources. Photograph: iStock

During the general election, a suggestion by the Green Party caught the attention of many hard-pressed parents: getting rid of homework. The case aga(...)

Hozier: “I assure you if I wanted to make a f**king pop song I would have written a pop song, because it would have been far easier” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

‘Some of the stuff I was grading was the worst I’ve ever seen – even from good students’. Lecturer Greg Foley could scarcely believe what he was seein(...)

An Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development study indicates that 6% of university graduates are functionally illiterate. Photograph: Getty Imagfes

Lecturer Greg Foley could scarcely believe what he was seeing when marking his students’ lab reports recently. “Some of the stuff I was grading was t(...)

At a disadvantage: while middle-class girls thrive, working-class boys struggle. Photograph: Moment/Getty

No Child 2020 is an initiative by The Irish Times providing a sustained focus on child welfare and children’s issues. We explore the problems facing c(...)

Opportunities: a  qualification in a Stem subject is a good career launchpad.   Photograph: Jetta Productions/Getty

With more students opting for science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) degrees, what’s the best route? Should you go for a specialised Stem c(...)

Photograph: iStock

The dominant mode of learning in third-level education is supposed to be “independent learning”, or what some institutions refer to as autonomous stu(...)

UCD campus. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

There is a certain air of plausibility around the idea that school leavers should continue on to third-level education via a broad entry route. It ma(...)

Some academics fret that the digitisation of information means research skills are being lost. Photograph: Thinkstock

Whether in a preschool or in a university computer lab, technology is rapidly transforming the way teaching and learning takes place. A baffling ar(...)

“There is far too much reliance on notes made available to download, which undermines independent research.” Photograph: Getty Images

I am sure my parents did not look forward to parent-teacher meetings when I was at school, as I was far from a model pupil. But whatever about having (...)

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