Greg Baxter

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Adrian Duncan’s spare and meticulous prose provides a vivid reconstruction of a profession not commonly documented in fiction

A novel about life on a building site doesn’t shout “read me!”, at least for this reviewer, but a good writer can make any topic interesting and so it(...)

Brendan Barrington, left: “When editing, I try to avoid anything that comes across as pure criticism, pitting the text against some objective standard. My approach is more one of identifying elements that do not quite fit with the scheme and the implicit rules established by the author elsewhere in the text.” Greg Baxter on Brendan: “When we met, I longed to be an overwriting maximalist. Brendan, very delicately and very gradually, helped me uncover my natural style”

Greg Baxter is the author of three highly acclaimed books: The Apartment; A Preparation for Death; and Munich Airport. Originally from Texas, he ha(...)

Greg Baxter. Photograph: Alan Betson Greg Baxter in Dublin: ‘Writing affords me the opportunity to be alone. I want to be reading books and writing books, and the internet, Twitter, all that stuff just distracts me.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

At the end of this interview with Greg Baxter, he recalls the last time we met, to discuss his debut novel The Apartment. “When I sat across fr(...)