Salt may not be as damaging to health as is usually claimed, according to a controversial new study which suggests campaigns to persuade people to cut(...)

Salt warnings should be compulsory for Chinese takeaways and ready meals, health campaigners have said.

Chinese takeaways and ready meals should carry compulsory health warning labels on menus and packaging to alert consumers to “astonishing and harmful”(...)

Hummus, made predominantly from chickpeas, also contains on average 280 calories per 100g – more than 10 per cent of the recommended daily intake for women, the Cash study found.

Hummus and other seemingly healthy savoury supermarket dips are “salt and fat traps” loaded with calories, according to a study. Some contain more sal(...)

A new study has said that cuts in sugar levels in drinks could stop 500,000 people in the UK from becoming obese. File photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Campaigners for a sugar tax in Ireland have welcomed new research that claims a 40 per cent cut to the amount of sugar in sweetened drinks could preve(...)