Graham Earley

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Be Good or Be Gone is ultimately a strange beast

You won’t need to be told that this low-budget Dublin crime drama begins with a vocal by Damien Dempsey – who is to the genre as Curtis Mayfield was t(...)

Broken Law gets by on strongly rendered atmosphere and performances that mesh together with admirable smoothness

Over the past decade or so a school of Dublin noir has edged its way into the nation’s consciousness. The films tend to take place on the move – catap(...)

French film-maker Sarah Maldoror in Women Make Film: A New Road Movie through Cinema. 2018. Great Britain. Directed by Mark Cousins. Photograph courtesy of Cohen Media

One week into this year’s Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival VMDIFF and we’re a Volta down. Trine Dyrholm, the Danish star of T(...)