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The report suggests that as well as looking for foods which boost immunity, people have started to care more about where their food comes from and how it gets to their table. Photograph: Getty Images.

People have been eating as if their lives depend on it over the last 12 months with foods that boost the immune system now found in Irish fridges and (...)

While the EPA continues to warn us on our wastefulness, Bord Bia is suggesting that since Covid, there is a greater awareness and conscientiousness among shoppers about food waste and its impact on the environment. File photograph: iStock

Almost as soon as the pandemic hit early this year, businesses, researchers, governments and individuals all over the world started trying to figure o(...)

Red meat is the most popular meat consumed, featuring in 29 per cent of adult meals. Photograph: iStock/Getty

Irish people may be fooling themselves into thinking they are eating more healthy food than is actually the case, with red meat still dominating the I(...)