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Michael Dwyer: The Bolivian state’s version of what happened leading up to and during the police raid in which Dwyer was killed has been contradicted by eyewitnesses and leaked video from inside the investigation.

When in 2015 Bolivia’s president Evo Morales became the first South American head of state to visit Ireland, he must have known the 2009 killing of Ir(...)

 Mario Tadic (second left) and Elod Toaso (second right), at their trial, in La Paz, Bolivia. Photograph: Martin Alipaz/EPA

The two men arrested in the police raid that killed Michael Dwyer in Bolivia pleaded guilty to complicity in armed insurrection at their trial on Fri(...)

The head of Bolivia’s public prosecution service said prosecutor Marcelo Soza will not return to the trial of two men arrested in the 2009 police raid in which Michael Dwyer (above) was killed. Photograph: PA Wire

The public prosecutor who for four years led the investigation into the events surrounding the killing of Irishman Michael Dwyer in Bolivia has(...)