Freda Wolfe

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Evan Doyle (right), with apple growers Rod and Julie Calder-Potts and   bar manager Sri Pandalla  in the BrookLodge orchard and apiary which will provide cider and fruit juice, apple syrup and honey for the ZEROKM dinner.

One night in early October, or perhaps at the end of September, a party of more than 100 diners will be served a 12-course tasting menu that will be c(...)

Chef, food product developer and herbal medicine advocate Freda Wolfe has set up Wild Irish Foods

CHILLI PASTE WITH PUNJABI TASTE: Mindi Keane was a wallpaper design manager for a UK company when she met her Irish husband Eamon and moved to Knockly(...)

Valoriani wood-fired ovens: “a professional quality wood-fired oven in a domestically friendly format”

COFFEE MORNINGS: The innovative team at Fabulous Food Trails have added a coffee walk, guided by food writer and coffee shop aficionado Aoife McElwain(...)