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Does a new car  really smell good or do you just think it does? Photograph: iStock

What with it being the bank holiday and all we thought we’d return to our entirely random and incredibly occasional Ask Us Anything series. In the pas(...)

Most of us apply only 20-50 per cent of the recommended amount of sunscreen, which means we end up with a lot less protection than we imagine. Photograph: iStockphoto

At the stroke of midday today, on almost every beach on the Med, you will see local people packing up and heading for the shade of holiday apartments,(...)

Hollie Swift and member of staff in the DSPCA applies sun cream to Fergi the saddleback pig in this picture from 2013. File photograph: David Sleator/The Irish Times.

Sunscreens can be a little bewildering to an Irish person raised on a diet of heavy clouds, rain, and all-too-brief bursts of sunshine, followed, in (...)