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Canadian prime minister and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau makes a speech during a campaign stop  in Vancouver. The Canadian federal election will be held on Monday. Photograph: Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

In August, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau obtained a dissolution of parliament two years before the end of its natural term. The resulting gen(...)

Justin Trudeau: the Canadian prime minister and Liberal Party leader has experienced unprecedented levels of abuse during the election campaign. Photograph: Dave Chan/AFP/Getty

Overt displays of anger and ugly, threat-filled protestation are not part of the Canadian character. In a country better known for ready apology and (...)

Justin Trudeau: With world-leading vaccination rates and an improved outlook for the country’s economy, Canada’s prime minister sees an opportunity to win back the majority that voters denied him in 2019.  Photographer: Christinne Muschi/Bloomberg

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has called a snap election, gambling that voters will reward his administration’s handing of the coronavirus (...)