Erich Fromm

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Even when relaxing, people feel an urge to read something ‘improving’ or useful. Photograph: Noel Hendrickson/Thinkstock/Getty

Christmas is promoted as a time of rest and idleness but for many of us it’s just another opportunity for work. There are events to organise, presents(...)

The bookies do not anticipate that Ireland’s Brendan Murray will make it to the final.  Photograph: Michael Campanella/Getty Images

If the bookies are to be believed, our national Eurovision disgrace is set to continue at this evening’s semi-final. They do not anticipate that Irela(...)

 German chancellor Angela Merkel:  The moment Germany fell out of love with Britain is perhaps the moment she fell in love with the EU. Photograph: Stephanie Le Coq/EPA

David Cameron never noticed Angela Merkel’s bemused smile during his inaugural visit to Berlin. It was May 2010 and, as would become his wont on such (...)