Dympna Devine

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A key impact on children’s lives The heightened scheduling of children’s lives and their “hot housing” to ever greater levels of “success”. Photograph: iStock

A landmark study of primary schooling in Ireland is being conducted by UCD school of education. Funded by the National Council for Curriculum and As(...)

A new survey of students suggests a serious mismatch between how priority subjects on the school curriculum are being experienced by our younger citizens, says Prof Dympna Devine. Photograph: iStock

The recent report of thefirst national survey of young people on their experiences of teaching and learning in secondary schools is important on two c(...)

Do your homework: gathering as much information as possible can take some of the stress out of choosing a school. Photograph: iStockphoto/Vetta/Getty Images

Being a parent is tough. There’s a lot of judging – especially of mothers – and everyone has an opinion on how best you should rear your children. On(...)