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Android handsets and iPhones  send back data even when idle in a pocket or a handbag, according to the new academic study. Photograph: Getty Images

Android handsets and iPhones share data with their respective companies on average every 4½ minutes, with data being sent back even when idle in a poc(...)

If you want to stop Google gathering data, you need to turn off Play Services. And without Play Services, the exposure notification API that the Covid Tracker Ireland App depends on will not work.

Google found itself back in the spotlight last week when research into a number of coronavirus contact-tracing apps conducted by researchers at Trinit(...)

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin said there could be issues with the technology on public transport

The bluetooth technology being used by contact tracing apps may be less accurate than initially thought, particularly on public transport, according t(...)

The TCD research found that certain behaviours by people can help the effectiveness of the Bluetooth function. File photograph: Getty

New research has cast doubts over the accuracy of contact tracing apps that use a phone’s Bluetooth technology which will be a core feature of the ver(...)