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In Ireland, both parties in  divorce are expected to try to hammer out terms of a settlement – financial and otherwise – governing their arrangements post any divorce. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

At the moment my husband and I are living apart under the one roof. If we divorce, would I be entitled to half his savings – I was a stay-at-home mum (...)

Your parents could gift you up to €335,000 in assets without any worries over tax. It would mean that you would have to pay tax on any subsequent inheritance from them but that is not such an issue

My young family and I are renting a property off my parents for the last year. They would like to gift it to us as our chances of getting a mortgage a(...)

The rules here dictate that you lose any entitlement to first-time reliefs once you have bought a property – or a share in a property in any jurisdiction. Photograph: Chris Ison/PA Wire

I just read an article about bringing money from overseas to Ireland and the consequent tax implications. We are an Indian couple who have recently mo(...)

Your experience shows the perils of making informal arrangements to suit particular family circumstances

My father died six years ago and the estate was split among five siblings. We all got some cash, which we took, but the house was not divided. The hou(...)

Small gift exemption: a parent can transfer €3,000 a year to a child tax free. Photograph: Getty

I have a question on gifting my children (aged eight and 10) €3,000 each year. I have started doing it only in the past couple of years. Am I allowed (...)

The only will that has any legal authority is the most recent one properly drawn up and witnessed. Photograph: iStock

My father died and the will is fully finished. Can I get to see previous will he had made? Mr T.O’D., email The simple answer is no. The only will t(...)

‘Did the bank breach data security by divulging details of the meeting I had with my branch to my brother-in-law, prompting their offer to buy me out?’ Photograph: iStock

I have very limited income from a part time job plus the widows pension. All our savings were used up when I stopped work to look after my late husban(...)

All wills eventually become publicly available in Ireland but not until probate has been granted. Photograph: iStock

My brother died in December 2016 and another brother was his executor. To my knowledge, my executor brother was the sole heir. At what stage does the (...)

AIB upset customer ahead of Christmas with letter that inadvertently exaggerated mortgage arrears. Photograph: Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

I am in arrears with AIB on my mortgage to the equivalent of 2½ months. However, on correspondence dated December 23rd last, which arrived on Decemb(...)

‘Given the experience of 46,000 home owners whose lenders wrongly weasled their way out of tracker rates they had promised, it appears your lender acted with uncommon honour for the industry at that time.’ Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

I was looking up about potential tracker mortgage problems. In 2007 we took out a mortgage and wanted a tracker mortgage but were told we had to have (...)

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