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I bought a property, to help a struggling relative, a couple of years ago but when that didn’t work out I allowed a nephew to live in it rent free, wh(...)

Our mother is looking to give our brother a right of residence in her home for his lifetime after her death. Photograph: iStock

My mother is still alive. However, she has told us that she intends giving a Right of Residence to my youngest brother for his life time. He is curren(...)

Share options are increasingly a part of companies’ remuneration packages as they look to attract talent in an ever-tighter recruitment market. Photograph: iStock

The company that I have worked with for the last 10 years is in the process of being sold to a foreign owner. The company will be registered abroad a(...)

If you give more than €250 a year to a charity, it can normally claim significant tax relief on your donation. Photograph: iStock

I have some queries about maximising the impact of charitable donations by an individual. Can you confirm that if I gift a registered charity – say –(...)

Takeda Grange Castle site head Paul Keogh, left, with the group’s head of global manufacturing and supply, Thomas Wozniewski

Japanese drug firm Takeda has opened Ireland’s first stem cell therapy manufacturing centre at Grange Castle in Dublin. The €36.4 million investment (...)

With Fair Deal, where you take out a nursing home loan, you pay it in line with its terms and conditions

My mother died last August 2021 and myself and my two brothers owe €120,000 to the Fair Deal scheme to be paid by August 2022. The house has been va(...)

Personal arrangements are precisely that. They have no force of law. Photograph: iStock

I’m looking for advice. I’m separated six years. My husband moved out of the family home nearly six years ago. He stopped paying the mortgage a year a(...)

Holiday homes can be wonderful respite but make sure you plan properly or they could prove a major headache for family after you die. Photograph: iStock

We are lucky enough to own a second property in France with our main home in Dublin.We have had conflicting advice both here and in France on what to (...)

Overgrown: Property owners are expected to monitor their perimeters and make sure that the integrity of their property is maintained. Photograph: Getty

We recently cleared 30 years of brambles from my mother’s back garden and discovered the neighbour behind her has built a shed on her land. I do not k(...)

You want to approach the bank, with an offer to switch your €100,000 tracker loan to a variable rate loan, as long as they reduce the balance by €30,000

I have a tracker mortgage of €100,000 and a variable mortgage of €80,000. I recently was left €150,000 in my father’s will. I wish to use these funds (...)

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